This blog welcomes feedback on the book “Go to the Worker”: America’s Labor Apostles (April 2010, ISBN #10:0-87462-749-4) and/or on the relevance of the book today.  It’s a history of the Catholic social-action movement from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s, but the book’s worker-justice message is needed just as badly in the Great Recession we’re now going through now as it was in the Great Depression which led to the movement’s formation.

Obviously your feedback will be more meaningful if you’ve read the book.  It is available on Amazon.com, from your local bookstore, or e-mail me, Kimball Baker, at kimbaker1@comcast.net and I’ll send you a flyer/order-form.  But by all means check out the posts listed to the right—posts to this blog at the time of its creation in July 2010—and you’ll get a good idea of what the book is about.  Its basic message is to empower workers, who include just about everyone in the United States and who need massive organizing and effective collective bargaining as much as they ever did before (more and more people are now seeing why unions came about in the first place!).  We welcome any comments and suggestions, especially those which will expand the outreach of the book and this message, move that message to the top of America’s national agenda, and/or show that morality and good values are tightly linked to all of our economic activities.

Happy reading and empowering!

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